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Válvulas y Conexiones Ibérica, S.L.U. (Swagelok) - About...

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Parque Empresarial Cervelló - c/ Xarelo, 2
08758 Cervelló (Barcelona) Spain

Systems of containment, control and connection

Location of Válvulas y Conexiones Ibérica, S.L.U. (Swagelok)


Válvulas y Conexiones Ibérica, S.L.U. (Swagelok)

Swagelok Company – A Global Leader

Swagelok Company is a private company of 1.100 million Dollars. We design, manufacture and deliver a variety in expansion of products and services for systems of fluids of the highest quality. Thanks to an approach devoted and to a sensitive and qualified chain of supply, carry out sensitive solutions and deliver all this value to our customers all over the world.

Sales and Service

The products and services are supplied locally through an exclusive network of more than 200 centres authorised of sales and service. Situated in 54 countries in six continents, these centres administered locally employ around 1500 professionals formed in sales, service and support, that can help him to administer the needs of his company each day.

About Valves and Iberian Connections

Valves and Iberian Connections is the Distributor of Swagelok for Spain and Portugal. In 1992 we collected the witness of our predecessor Valves Barcelona, and since have consolidated the presence of Swagelok in the Iberian peninsula, during more than 30 years. In all this time, have been very proud to be able to serve them valves and racores Swagelok, before known under the marks of Cajon®, Nupro®, Whitey® and ‘Sno-Trik®. Today, all these products carry the name of Swagelok.

The products Swagelok have achieved a world-wide reputation when applying the last technologies in matter of containment, control and connection. Through a constant investigation in materials of last generation, technologies of manufacture and the most advanced logistical, Swagelok follows delivering a continuous current of innovations.

All these technologies, more a high standard of answer and service, are to his disposal in Valves and Iberian Connections. Our personnel can offer him skilled services together with our prestigious excellence in the reliable processing of his requests and some terms of fast and reliable delivery.

Ours mission is to help to our customers to win. Leave us do it.