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The brand introduced Lantek Integra in a technology day held during the fair

Lantek attends the BIEMH 2010 with a renewed portfolio of solutions

Drafting Interempresas08/06/2010

June 8, 2010

Lantek, specialist in the development and marketing of integrated CAD/CAM and ERP solutions for the machine tool sector, showed in the BIEMH 2010 the latest incorporated in its portfolio of solutions and services. This year, Lantek attends this event regarded as one of the most important dedicated to the machine tool sector both nationally and internationally, with the aim not only of present and promote the audience among the new features included in its product offer, but also of meet and expand trade and business relations with current and potential clients, taking advantage of the synergies generated by a quote from these characteristics.

In addition, and within the framework of BIEMH 2010, Lantek held a technology day day June 3, in which the central theme was Lantek Integra, unique management solution based on web for the metal transformation industryIt also has full integration with the CAD/CAM solutions of the company.

Completely renovated solutions catalog

Lantek returned to leave patent with his assistance its commitment and commitment to innovative technologies for the sector of metal deformation.

So, hand in hand with its team of experts, the company introduced version a renewed and full product brochure in which one of the main innovations is Lantek Integra, the new and powerful ERP platform based on web which incorporates a wide range of functionalities and enables automationmanagement and control of each and every one of the business processes at any time and place, by facilitating access to information over the Internet and by improving the productivity of the company. Lantek Integra is also prepared for total integration with the CAD/CAM software of the company increasing the return on investment and reducing costs.

Lantek integrates.

Lantek Integra takes as its basis an advanced technological architecture and consists of an extensive set of modules, which include cash, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, warehouse, products, CRM and WOS. There are many advantages that it brings this new ERP, being one of the most highlights the optimize the processes of decision-making, thanks to the incorporation of BI, reporting and dashboard tools.

These features, which joined the power, the high processing capacity and management easier and more intuitive, as well as deep knowledge and specialization of Lantek in the processing of sheet metal and the metal industrythey are converted to Lantek Integra in the ideal solution for companies that carry out their activity in this sector.

Other products that Lantek exhibited during the course of BIEMH 2010 is the new version 2010 of Lantek Expert, the CAD/CAM software for cutting and punching of sheet metal for machine tools, in any of their technologies, either plasma cutting, oxyfuel, laser or waterjet.

The solution has been optimized in terms of functionality, now enabling customers to have the most advanced technology in a modern and functional environment. Innovations incorporated into the implementation represent a major step forward for an efficient response to the needs of users in dealing with the different manufacturing processes and work in the industrial sector plate.

Lantek Expert v2010 is an extremely powerful and easy-to-manage solution, incorporating a new architecture that employs advance technology design and programming, which have introduced advances in methods of nesting, managing to increase significantly the performance of the sheet, as well as the speed of process. New options in calculate time and cost of the parts, sheet metal and products, will allow the user greater control of the production and perfectly predict the costs and time of manufacture in his workshop.

On the other hand, some of the novelties presented by Lantek is related to the new family of products for design of sheet metal in 3-dimensional, folded pieces of sheet metal and cutting of tubes and profiles, Lantek Flex3d.

Comprising a total of 8 modules specific to carry out tasks of folding and deployed, work with pipes or profiles, make design activities integrated with SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, Catia or ProEngineer programmes, as well as works of automation of programming of machines with 5 axesThis range has been optimized to offer to the companies in the sector of the construction of metallic structures a tool of agile and efficient design that adapts and resolve the needs of each company.

There are several improvements incorporated in the Flex3d family, both from a technical point of view as a functional, however, Lantek Flex3d SteelWork module, one of which incorporates as much of what's new. This application, specific for the design and cutting of profiles standard (I, U, L, T, H, profile circular or square,...) in a quick, intuitive and simple way, offers the user a true picture of the result you will get allowing to optimize the work. There is also a parametric system that allows to change the values of the operations, including the modification of the initial design parameters of the profile. Also, you can simulate the motion of the machine, the displacement of the profile and the machining operations carried out by each tool, as well as being able to directly generate the CNC program to send it to the machine (pure CNC code)(, DSTV, DSTV + or CAM) and court information to adapt to the characteristics of each machine.

On the other hand, Lantek Flex3d SteelWork is a stand-alone solution that does not require any additional software and is fully integrated with their ERP Lantek Integra, both the Lantek Expert CAD/CAM software providing full management of the sales processthe warehouse/inventory, batch and serial number for the complete management of traceability.

Methods of nesting in Lantek Expert v2010.