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This news article was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for your convenience. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. The original article in Spanish can be viewed at Ansys consigue crecer en dobles dígitos en su primer año en el mercado español

Ansys Achieves to grow in double digits in his first year in the Spanish market


16 December 2011

Ansys, the pioneering company in software of simulation for applications of engineering, has celebrated in Madrid the greater European event on simulation of engineering, “Engineering the System”, like colophon to his successful first year of presence in the Spanish market. The more than 150 assistants, between directors, customers, academicians and analysts of the sector of the simulation for the engineering, could know all the details on the strategy of Ansys to improve the presence of the simulation in the initial stages of the projects of industrial engineering. Besides, during the conference realised a review to the situation of the company in our market, in which Ansys has kept a growth in double digits during 2011.

The American multinational, that began his career in January of this year with office in Madrid to cover the market of Spain and Portugal, account already with twelve professionals in staff, between them six engineers and personnel of sales and consulting. The strengthening of the company in the Iberian market has allowed him explain already with more than 350 customers, consolidating as leader in solutions of simulation of engineering.

Between the proposals of value that has developed along the year in Spain, ANSYS has carried out in 2011 a total of ten technical seminars and Info Days delivered in different points of his geography, that have had the assistance of more than 400 people. These seminars have covered a series of thematic technicians sued by the users, and also has incorporated an academic program with the spirit to spread the simulation between professors, researchers and students in the academic institutions more important of the country like the Polytechnical University of Madrid or the universities of Catalonia through CESCA (Centre of Serveis Cientifics i Académics of Catalonia).

The business strategy of Ansys centres in showing to the industry that the virtual simulation can and has to be part of all the process of design of the product. The company proposes a system of simulation in which they define the product and all his parts, as well as the conditions in which it will use . Realise the design basing in system of simulation allows to control at all times the interactions between the distinct parts that integrate the product, as well as with other external variables that they can influence in his performance, helping to define the best design to reach the product wished, and reducing to each step the time and necessary money for the construction and proof of physical prototypes.

“The main aim of a company of engineering is to manufacture a good product. Thus, any design of this is a promise of the company to the user and we facilitate that the company can fulfil it”, explains Gilles Lebiez, managing director of ANSYS in Spain and Portugal. “All the companies find with pressure by part of the markets to manage and minimise the errors of the design of his products. If a product fails, the company fails. This pressure does not have why exist if we centre us in the improvement of the design and the cheapening of the costs, improving the quality and investing in R&D”, concludes Lebiez.

The technology of Ansys has the greater capacities in multifísica available at present, by what is exclusively qualified to help to the companies to go in in the simulation of systems. The departments of engineering apply part of the software of Ansys to resolve structural problems, thermal, electromagnetic and of fluent as well as to take into account the effects of parameters multifísicos in an alone component or in a system joined up.

Besides, the company offers his capacities of multifísica for analysis sistémico (joined to his knowledges in management of data and processes, modelling of order reduced and integration of cosimulación and application) through an alone easy platform to use. The engineers of his providers of essential components also can take out provecho of the tools of Ansys (recognised like industrial patterns of reference in simulation of engineering) with the end of maximizar the contribution of his pieces to the global performance of the system.