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T-Systems Develops a model Plant Simulation for the logistical planning

Editorial Interempresas28/11/2011

28 November 2011

The main marks in the industry of manufacture are modifying his current methods of procurement. A new concept known like supply synchronised, has like aim reduce the level of stock in the lines of setting. Have of the materials of production only when these go to be needed and in the necessary quantity allows to delete the use of the line like warehouse and reduce to the minimum expression the routes of the operarios to have of the material that need to assemble. Both factors keep on being still one of the heels of Achilles of any company that have of manufacture.

According to Marta Fernández, consultora logistical of T-Systems Iberia “the supply synchronised is based in scheduling the supply so that the manufacturer have only of the precise quantity to guarantee the production avoiding the excess of material in the line. In some occasions the provision can not realise directly and does necessary the use of intermediate warehouses inside factory —known like supermarkets— like link between the outside and the line of assembling. A correct management and optimised of the processes of preparation of the material ensures a greater quality and efficiency of the operarios of the line of assembling”.

The implementation of the supplies synchronised allows, amongst other profits, an important reduction of costs because of the minimisation of the trips of the operarios on foot of line. This form of procurement has to be carefully scheduled to avoid the lack of material in the line, what in terms of production knows like break of stock, that is one of the most critical situations that they can produce in a line of production since it prevents the manufacture of the product, repercutiendo in economic losses for the company.


With the arrival of this new concept of work, the industry of manufacture has been conscious of the need to foresee all and each one of the new situations that go to give place in his workshops. The tool of simulation of flows Plant Simulation of  Siemens Industry Software allows to analyse and evaluate risks like support to the taking of decisions before modifying an existent process or create one new.

T-Systems Iberia Has developed a solution on Plant Simulation, that allows to his customers of a simple and agile form, simulate the multiple situations that require without having to devote big quantities of time and skilled resources in the creation of a model of simulation. “A logistical analyst without big knowledges in simulation can already analyse quickly the new proposals of work and take decisions with a lot of more reliability and rapidity” comments Juan González Yepes, responsible of Digital Factory in T-Systems.


The model of simulation allows that the analyst can modify, in few steps and of simple form, the parameters that go to determine a new stage in study —parameters of production, available resources, requests of materials on line, routes of step, turns of work, etc.— by means of simple windows of dialogue or files Excel. Once defined the parameters of the stage in study, the solution developed allows to analyse so much the direct supplies to line from the outside like those that manage and prepare through the supermarkets.

Like result, the model generates automatically a series of graphic —reports and tables— that allow to analyse the saturation of resources and optimise his times of inactividad. The results also allow to evaluate the saturation and intensity of traffic in the doors of access and corridors, as well as report risks of break of stock. In general, all the data obtained in the simulation serve of guideline for the taking of decisions of the most reliable form possible, as well as of effective support for the presentation of the conclusions extracted.

The solution developed by T-Systems, that was rewarded in the 7ª edition of the Prizes SIAB to the Best Technological Innovations, allows that any company can benefit of the advantages that supposes the simulation and can focalizar his efforts in the taking of the best decisions for the business.

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