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Lantek renews its Integra Lantek ERP


May 5, 2011

Lantek, international specialist in the development and marketing of integrated CAD/CAM and ERP solutions for the machine tool sector, It has optimized its ERP, Lantek Integra, which sells its 2011 version. This Web-based business management system allows the automation, management and control of each and every one of the business processes at any time and place, thus facilitating the access to information over the Internet.

There are several innovations which Lantek has been incorporated in Lantek Integra "with the aim of providing a powerful solution to the transformation of the sheet metal and the metal industry and quality that is adapted to their needs and that is capable of improving the productivity of the companies in this sector"", without that, for this reason, the ease of use see diminished", says Alberto Martínez, Manager of Lantek SMS.

As well, and from the general point of view, Lantek Integra 2011 has a new and powerful engine of web-based interface that has been developed to increase the compatibility with the major web browsers on the market, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FirefoxChrome, Safari and Opera, among others. In the same way, it also offers compatibility with mobile devices and tablets such as iPad. In addition, optimised rendering speed of the pages in some places, such as the list of Windows, that allow to display a large number of rows on the same page, without that performance is affected.

Another area that has been strengthened in the new version of Lantek Integra is the budgeting of structures of product, which includes a tool for budgeting not only pieces of sheet metal, but also complex structures of products. Now, when imported products from the database, the user can select the option of complex products. In this way, the system displays graphically the structure of lines and sublines from the set, allowing the value of all its components in the same way than any other part. In addition, the ERP provides the possibility of modifying the structure directly from the tool, updating the budgets at the same time.

Another new feature to highlight relates to the CRM Advanced module for the management of actions and business opportunities within the company. Now, it is possible to internally manage factors such as the economic value of the opportunity, who are the competitors involved, or follow all actions related to achieve this, using the engine of the system of tasks. It also allows to register the reasons which have contributed to win or lose an opportunity for later analysis.

These new features and improvements is added a complete module of outsourcing that has been added to the system in order to manage the needs of the company in this matter and allows you to treat the contract, the parties of sending and receiving orders, and complete track of the place where such parties have been outsourced.