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The range Ecolim of Vijusa has the ecological label of the European Union

Ecological cleaning certified

Editorial Interempresas22/03/2012

22 March 2012

The companies manufacturers of products for the industrial cleaning have to face increasingly the challenge to offer an effective cleaning but medioambientalmente responsible. Example of this is the range Ecolim of Vijusa, formed by desengrasante, lavavajillas, cleaner of bathrooms, fregasuelos and multipurpose and that has the ecoetiqueta of the EU, that certifies the reduced incidence on the aquatic life and the use reduced of dangerous substances.

This range is fruit of the commitment of the company with the sustainability to the hour to develop and manufacture safe products for the nature and the environingingment. Products manufactured of safe form and with an effective use of chemicals and of natural resources and with the aim to advance to patterns of production and consumption more sustainable

Fats was

In the case of the desengrasante of general use, for frequent use in surfaces abused by the fats like walls and floors of kitchens. It treats of a highly biodegradable product, formulated to reduce the environingingmental impact limiting the quantity of harmful ingredients. His suitable dosage allows to save and reduce the environingingmental impact.

Also the lavavajillas manual, colourless and untuoso to the touch, a product of big can desengrasante, ideal for the cleaning of all type of earthernware, tableware and other utensilios of kitchen. His formulation is focused to warn the risks for the environingingment and the human health.


Cleaner of bathrooms

In this case treats of an ideal product for the cleaning of all type of saneamientos, azulejos, griferías or mamparas. A sour cleaner highly effective that deletes easily the tanks cal as well as rests of soap or another type of stains.

A neutral cleaning

A product indicated for the cleaning of floors that, thanks to his neutral character, clean without damaging any surface. The absence of aggressive chemical agents in his formulation does it very adapted for the cleaning of floors especially delicate. His formulation is focused to warn the risks for the environingingment and the human health and is ideal to apply in all type of floors (terrazzo, ceramic, synthetic floors, etc.)


multipurpose Cleaner

This product also of the range Ecolim is designed for the cleaning of multiple surfaces, even glazed. Light liquid pleasantly perfumed with a mix of dissolvent and polishes allocated to the protection, cleaning and polished of surfaces no porous. His suitable dosage allows to save and minimise the environingingmental impact.

30 years to the services of a clean industry

His go through Hygienalia + Pulire served to put of relief the experience of this Valencian company in the sector of the hygiene and the industrial cleaning. A path that allows them have a wide catalogue of products in which, in addition to the ecological line, find also the system Water Cleaning for hotels, lavandería, hospitals, etc., or the biological solutions Vijupack, for the treatment of pits and drivings. It treats of a product in dust very active, based in crop of microorganisms, enzymes and nutritious elements, designed for the preventive treatment of manifolds of fat, channelling and septic pits. Especially designed for companies, services of catering to hospitals, clinical, schools, etc. Available also in the version Vijupak Efervescente, whose effect allows that the biological action in septic pits and channelling was immediate. The million bubbles that generate increase the surface of contact with the organic matter increasing the effectiveness and rapidity of the process of degradation. Besides, Vijupack Efervescente is a respectful biological solution with the environingingment that degrades the waste diminishing like this the environingingmental impact of the same.


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