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  2. Imcoinsa in the Ficon 2010 fair   (14/04/2010)

Este artículo fue escrito originalmente en Spanish. Se ha traducido automáticamente para su comodidad. Se han hecho esfuerzos razonables para proporcionar una traducción precisa; sin embargo, ninguna traducción automática es perfecta, ni es su intención la de sustituir a un traductor humano. El artículo original en Spanish puede verlo en Imcoinsa en la feria Ficon 2010

Imcoinsa in the Ficon 2010 fair

April 14, 2010

The XVII Edition of the Ficon 2010 fair, Iberian construction fair, Urbanism and environmentally friendly, professional and monographic show devoted to the construction sector was held in Don Benito (Badajoz) from 24 to 27 March.

Imcoinsa, in collaboration with the signature hardware Ind. Group 15, participated in the event by presenting a comprehensive account of its equipment and machinery for construction and industry such as vibrant compaction work trays, cutting boards, jackhammers and Drillers of strawberries.

In particular had an excellent reception tables of court and tronzadoras of wood. In fact, these articles are currently in promotion within the 'campaign special tables of Court' and discs of diamond Imcoinsa develops within the celebration of its 25th anniversary.

Imcoinsa stand in Ficon.

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