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Gesipa renews its website


October 13, 2008

Gesipa fixations has carried out a major renovation of its corporate website www.gesipa.es. This updated version brings clarity and simplicity in the management, as well as having a more current aesthetic that offers a dynamic whole. Resolved on the basis of the corporate colours of Gesipa (black, yellow and blue), its real strength are the contents. It has extensive technical information and a complete online catalog in which you can consult the characteristics of all the products that it manufactures and distributes this brand specialist in rivets.
This new website is characterized by important graphic contribution offered in the section dedicated to 'Products', that makes the central axis of the new page of Gesipa. This section includes a complete documentation on all the references of the brand, distributed into three subsections: new products of recent addition, catalogue with all the elements that the brand offers and technical information. A revision is done within the last two different families of rivets, remachadoras, remachables, remachadoras nuts for nuts remachables, nozzles and accessories.
The information provided in these sections is in PDF format for the purpose of viewing and downloading being much simpler than from any computer.

Gesipa website.

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