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The false information you can not enter

Ibon Linacisoro, Director01/02/2006
The Italian economy is already experiencing improvements in business volume and number of operations. But, according to the insurance company credit and suretyship which is dedicated to the protection of the risk of insolvency or non-payment, Italian companies maintain a probability of default far superior to that of most States of the EU. In a similar situation is Portugal while there behavior in payments showing lusas enterprises is registering a positive progression, although it is still in the worst rates of the eurozone.

They are interesting data, but can we still with the data? Sometimes a data leaves you speechless and you tomb a theory, others simply avoid the data because we want to or because we have already decided to doubt everything, from the data. I only know that I don't know anything.

There comes a time when the data reaches stitched one. Yes, Yes, they can become saturated, and indeed they do, but sometimes stitched the perceptive ability of the human being and him incapable to continue receiving data. An automatic defence of the brain, which does not want to let more data in its limited storage capacity is not a voluntary act but rather. Some are suturados from very little and already major thing not given to much. Others heal against the good things and now only know do bad things, and worse, think that the rest of the community of mortals was also suturada. But this is not so much the case as the data, the blessed are data that confuse us permanently, and that remind us his stubbornness especially in times of fairs. We had the Equiplast in November and, more recently, the Plast'06 in Milan, where an unusual event occurred as the Organization of the same to recognize a poor system of accounting for visitors. The data, the happy, say that there was a slight decline in the number of visitors to the previous edition. It is an undeniable fact that each one may give the interpretation you want, but it is a fact clear. It is not always so the thing. Everyone knows that the most secure driver's way is when converge two circumstances: drunk driver and speed. Well, it is just as strange, but again, the data are more than decisive. Namely: the probability of a traffic accident increases with the time you spend on the street. Therefore, the more fast off-road, minor is the probability that you have an accident. On the other hand, 33 per cent of fatal accidents involve someone who has drunk. Therefore, the remaining 67 per cent has been caused by someone who has not drunk. In view of this and the above, it is clear that the borrachismo and high speed are attractive guarantee of security.

And with this clarity and strength we will presenting made daily, stubborn data, to which one cannot but suture is incontrovertible data. Because the data is hard to say it, it is the worst enemy of reality.

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