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Ctra. Asua Erletxes, n º 13-B
48950 Asua - Erandio (Bizkaia) Spain

Distributor of padlocks, locks and security at home.

Location of ABUS Ibérica, S.L.


ABUS Ibérica, S.L.

ABUS is synonymous with security in the world. Its products are designed for protection, both professional and at home, especially for users of two-wheeled vehicles. With German-made technology, IBERIAN ABUS sells padlocks and locks, as well as elements for safety in the home. Also locks of different types for motorcycles and bikes, and other elements for these users, such as helmets and bicycle bags. ABUS products are present at international and national level in major hardware and DIY chains, as well as at points of sale specialized for two-wheeled vehicles. Their products are tested and classified according to the index of protection provided to facilitate the user the selection of reference that can meet the security needs that are required in each case. ABUS these products comprises a varied number of exhibitors, studied for each user type, intended to provide clear information about the possibilities of selection and to promote sale in the establishment. These arise in versions for above-ground or on countertop placement, and the signing complements them with a study of the space available at the point of sale to adapt to this type of presentation and location.