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The durability is not argued with the aesthetics

Sikkens Presents his new technology in Fensterbau

Editorial Interempresas24/04/2012

24 April 2012

Sikkens Devotes to R&D more than 10% of his profits. Of this form, the prestigious German signature always is in the avant-garde of the innovation. In the past Fensterbau of Nüremberg (Germany), world-wide referent of the industry of the closing, the mark of Akzo Nobel for the external carpentry presented interesting novelties with a common denominator: the durability, that is not argued with the aesthetics.

Between the novelties found Duraflex (the flexibility prevents the break of film by the dimensional movement of the wood), Ion-lock (selladores of soluble extracts to the water, free of heavy metals) and Cetol WF 771 (a protective of the wood in front of the photodegradation).

Stand Of Sikkens in the Fensterbau of Nüremberg (Germany).

Durflex: The flexible coating

The technology Duraflex represents an important advance in the segment of the finishings for existent outside in the market. These coatings remain flexible during all his life of use. Besides, to absorb the ultraviolet rays carry more filters and some innovative reflectors UV, without losing transparency. By means of an effect membrane protect and improve the permeabilidad to the steam of water and the estanqueidad to the direct entrance of water. This is: The wood can breathe better, avoiding the step of the water. Besides, with Duraflex does not produce the escamación of the coating by movement of the wood, because it always remains flexible.

Ion-Lock: Technology of blockade of ions

Ion-Lock Is a world-wide patent of Akzo Nobel that consists in a system of sealed based in the ionic blockade. The product generates a cell that repels the soluble extracts to the water, because these have the same negative load.

The systems Ion-Lock of sealed allocate different extractivos for each wooden type, with the purpose to eradicate any possibility of sangrado; for example in chestnut tree or oak, where is usual the apparition of acid tánico, or in the case of the Iroco, with the blockade of the calcareous tanks.

Cetol WM 675, designed for his application by means of Flor, and Cetol WM 680 for application to gun, are the first selladores ionic of the market and besides without heavy metals. It treats of an effective bloqueador for any wood that possess soluble extracts in water, that complements the family of other selladores of Sikkens for resins and other extracts of the wood.

The wooden window is one of the segments that more will benefit of the new technology of Sikkens.

Cetol WF 771: protection and decoration

Cetol WF 771, the star of the recently concluded edition of the International Fair of Tendencies in the world of the Window, the Door and the Façade, is a product saturador ideal for ‘decking' and ‘cladding', since really it protects the wood of the photodegradation. His pigmentación special and the resin selfstracting are fundamental, since they protect and anchor in the wood.

Depending on the wood employed, Cetol WF 771 guarantees a half durability of the decking of two years.

Besides, his capacity of decoration is very wide. The new letter of colours of Sikkens ‘Never ending impressesions', with the new Cetol WF 771, takes the finishings of the new tendencies that mark the markets of the piece of furniture and the decoration, with tonalities that go from the white perla, platinum, skates or sand until new proposals like the red or the yellow, combinations of colours or an original range of degraded of grey, in function of the zone to install the pavimento.

With these novelties, Sikkens contributes to the market some systems of coating that will consolidate the technological advance of the wooden window, will favour the development of the ‘decking' and the ‘cladding' in Spain, and open new expectations to segments of big potential as it is the one of the wooden houses.


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