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Fontcuberta, 32-36 - Pol. Ind. La Coromina
08560 Manlleu (Barcelona) Spain

Manufacturer of equipment for the air conditioning , air treatment and ventilation

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Met Mann

MET MANN Has an experience of more than 40 years in the manufacture and commercialisation of products for the air conditioning and air treatment. The range of products MET MANN offers solutions for all the industrial states and tertiary.

MET MANN Exports his products to countries like Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, South Korea, etc. MET MANN offers of this way a permanent and immediate service to more than 2000 distributors delivered in different geographic locations.

In the last years MET MANN has triplicado his figure of business. This has been resulted of a strong restructuring and technological investment, with which has won in solidity, but without losing competitiveness in the service, as it shows it the confidence that year after year deposit in MET MANN our customers.

A sample of the customers that already trust we: Nutrexpa, Danone, Ford, Beers Cruzcampo, Repsol Butano, Bendix Iberian Spain, House Santiveri, Michelin, Dulcesol, Derbi...
MET MANN Possesses the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000 which accredits of official form that fulfils with all and each one of the parameters established by the norm. The lemma “The comfort and the satisfaction are our objective” plasma of a clear form the philosophy of MET MANN: the full satisfaction of our customers.

A high performance of the systems of heating and refrigeration translates in a considerable energetic saving and a reduction of the harmful broadcasts for the environingingment. The environingingmental rule has established some minimum performances to be able to commercialise these devices and has fixed that a high performance approximates to 90%. The generators MET MANN have obtained until 92% of performance thanks to his advanced productive process, what guarantees the efficiency and environingingmental quality.