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Small Forms Systems, S.L. (SFS) - About...

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Av. Diputación, 6, bajos
46181 Benisanó (València) Spain

International supplies for Graphic Arts

Location of Small Forms Systems, S.L. (SFS)


Small Forms Systems, S.L. (SFS)

From the creation in 1995 of the company SMALL FORMS SYSTEMS, S.L., all the human team has worked to consolidate it in the first available places of spare parts, auxiliary machinery and technical service in Spain.

SFS Is pioneering in Spain for commercialising his products by means of a skilled catalogue in Graphic Arts, having at present 92 pages the Spanish catalogue, and 16 pages the international, creating a new catalogue annually with a thrown upper to 30.000 catalogues. At present it exports to all Europe, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Algeria, Morocco, India, USES,... Products of our manufacture like mordazas fast, pinzas, ironinging cylinder, circular blades, stitching, etc.