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Small Forms Systems, S.L. (SFS)


Small Forms Systems, S.L. (SFS)

7-Color printing

Drafting Interempresas
Picture of 7-Color printing
small forms systems distributes the new system for flexographic Heptacromía TrueTone, a set of tools for printing in 7 colors, that increases the quality of the work and reduces costs. Apart from being remains of ink, it diminishes the consumption of solvent for cleaning and leaves the machine to the next job ready. [+]

Small Forms Systems, at Drupa 2008

Drafting Interempresas
Picture of Small Forms Systems, at Drupa 2008
small forms systems participates in Drupa 2008 with TrueTone, a tool that solves the problems arising from the implementation of direct ink, which includes a software that AIDS in the creation of the indicándo color what ink and how much should weigh to obtain the desired color. [+]
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