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Condal Maquinaria, S.L. - About...

Contact data

Capcir, 25
08035 Barcelona Spain

It buys sale of machinery used for the graphic industry.

Location of Condal Maquinaria, S.L.


Are a company with headquarters in Barcelona, specialised in the dealers of machinery used for the graphic industry.

Ours structure of company does us be competitive in prices, since our honorarios in each sale are the most adjusted possible. It matters us much more the sale continued and have satisfied to our customers, more than an aggressive commercial work with prices desorbitados.

Look for the machine that you is looking for to the better possible price, in the Spanish territory and also abroad.

The main activity centres in machinery of impressesion by offset in leaves, being Heidelberg, MAN-Roland, KBA-Planet, Komori and machines of finishings like Polar, Wohlenberg, Stahl, etc. the first marks with which work.

Technical skilled occupy of the desmontaje of the machines. The machines review and change the pieces, so much electrical like electronics equipment dealers equipment dealers, that are necessary. Once prepared the machines, load in trucks or containers and our technicians commission of the installation home of the customers.

PSV Commissions also of the repair and and transfer of machinery to new installations, doing charge of the desmontaje, the load, the transport and the installation of the machines, leaving them in operation.

If you needs to buy or sell his machinery, advise him and offer our assistance. Definitely, we are one of the best options to take into account. The advertising that have are our customers.