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Pintores, 10 - Pol. Industrial Sector XIII
28891 Velilla de San Antonio (Madrid) Spain

distribution of supports of visual communication and solutions of packaging

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Antalis Iberia, S.A.

Antalis Iberia Is a world-wide distributor leader of supports of communication (paper, solutions of packaging and supports of visual communication).

In the Iberian peninsula, Antalis has of 8 delegations delivered strategically, guaranteeing a coverage of more than 99% of the peninsular territory.

The aim is to satisfy the needs of his customers and for this have the most modern warehouse of Spain, that has a silo totally automated, with capacity for 22.160 palés, that realizar more than 3.500 daily movements.

His commercial service arrives to more than 10.000 active customers, pertaining to the graphic sector and to the world of the communication, what does them be leaders in the distribution of a wide variety of supports of communication.