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Pantone And X-Rite launch PantoneLive, a service based in “ink and real supports with processes of real impressesion”

Management of the colour, now from the cloud

Editorial Interempresas02/04/2012

2 April 2012

London received the past 1 March the world-wide presentation of a new service of colour in the cloud that allows to access of instantaneous form to the main standards of colour of the marks X-Rite and Pantone LLC. It treats of PantoneLive, “a full stop in the management of the colour for the marks along all the chain of supply”, affirms Tom Vacchiano, president and adviser delegated of X-Rite.

From bombones until shoes of heel, going through champagne and soft drinks, the past year has been plagado of cases of fake, fraud and confusion of the consumer; all related with the colours omnipresentes that differentiate to the marks. Cadbury And Veuve Clicquot, for example, have had to rid both legal battles to ensure the property of the colours of his marks, whereas Christian Louboutin has struggled to register his characteristic red soles. In a market in which the colour is so tied to the identity of the companies, the differences of colour in a same mark can cause loss of confidence in the consumer and a descent in the sales.

The importance of the colour of the marks

In a survey elaborated recently by the Pantone Colour Institute, more than 70% of the creative professionals interviewed affirmed that the definitions, the precision and the uniformity of the colour of the marks are important for his companies in the creation of products or containers, whereas 42% signalled that the problems related with the colour affect negatively to his business.

PantoneLive Provides the DNA of the colour with inks, supports and processes of real impressesion to obtain predictable results and repetibles

“Does almost fifty years, Pantone entered the coherence and a common language in an industry that was not standardised. The impressesion and the production, that traditionally were analog processes, based in the ancient alchemy of the colour, have evolved with the technology of the digital era”, said Ron Potesky, executive vice-president and general director of Pantone, during his intervention. “PantoneLive digitaliza All the process: the flow of visual and subjective work turns into uniform and repetible, what reduces considerably the terms of production and increases the profitability”.

“PantoneLive Supposes a full stop in the management of the colour for the marks along all the chain of supply”, affirmed by his part Tom Vacchiano, president and adviser delegated of X-Rite.

“The standards of uniform colour on an international scale are essential for the identity of the marks. Like the chains of supply are formed by cientos of locations delivered by all the world, control and keep the chromatic uniformity is all a challenge for the companies”, aimed the doctor Megert. “PantoneLive Is a ‘ecosystem' dynamic, opened to all the members of the chain of supply, that contributes coherent colours in all the chain of supply of the containers, of the design to the shelving of the shops”.

The new image of Heinz created with PantoneLive.

The standards of colour for the marks, the main component of PantoneLive, obtain from inks and real supports, using methods of real impressesion. Of this form, the marks can foresee how will see the flat colours in distinct supports, like cardboard ondulado brown, transparent films or polipropileno white. The colours of a mark, his DNA, manage by means of some basic safe data situated in the cloud to guarantee the precise communication of the colour to any provider of the world.

The new service of colour in the cloud works with a wide range of computer applications, that contain real chromatic data for cientos of thousands of colours

“The advantages of PantoneLive are evident”, said Nigel Dickie, director of corporate and governmental subjects of Heinz. “With the digital tools, have more control and uniformity that never in distinct methods of impressesion and supports. We have reduced the chromatic variations in 50% in all the formats of containers and have saved time establishing an aim of colour that can apply to all the designs of Heinz Beanz. The results have been so good with the containers of Beanz that have foreseen to use PantoneLive for other products, like the soups Heinz and the Spaghetti Hoops”.

Precision and hygiene

Whereas the precision of the colour is fundamental so that the consumers identify the products packed of the marks, protect the integrity of the mark is vital in the pharmaceutical industry, since the medicines falsified put in danger the health of the users. Chesapeake (Consult the real case ‘Accurate Brand Colors Help Stem Drug Counterfeiting'), an international manufacturer of containers for many of the big pharmaceutical companies, has trusted PantoneLive to increase the uniformity in his products. In the case of the medicines and the pharmaceutical products, the minimum variation in the colour of the container can convert a product in suspect and do that the mark was vulnerable to the fake.

PantoneLive Presented the past 1 March in London.

In a work, for example, Chesapeake was able to reduce the chromatic variation in 84% and improve the processes of control, with what reduced the mermas to zero in the impressesion and achieved that the customer approved 100% of the product. And PantoneLive contributes another very positive advantage to the business of Chesapeake. The company before stored until 3.000 different inks in his plant of Leicester (United Kingdom), but now has reduced the inventory to 537 without having to recortar the variety of colours.

PantoneLive Works with a wide range of computer applications and is compatible with the last technologies of chromatic measurement

PantoneLive Works with a wide range of computer applications, that contain real chromatic data for cientos of thousands of colours, and is compatible with the last technologies of chromatic measurement. The offer complete with a series of professional services, that include auditss of flow of work and rationalisation of the colour, and operative procedures customised of Pantone and X-Rite. For digitalizar the colours of the marks, use data and metadatos spectral totally adapted to the needs of the companies. To continuation, the chromatic palettes digitalizadas expand to create independent standards that allow to reproduce the colours with precision in a big fan of supports.

The chromatic data of the mark, equivalents to a muestrario of digital colours, store in a safe portal in the cloud that allows to the marks and other members of the chain of supply authorised manage a series of digital rights and facilitate the communication of the colour for all the supports employed in the production. This process centralised of distribution of the colour increases the uniformity and help to shorten the cycles of commercialisation, from the initial design until the final production. The portal also provides instructions to the providers so that they adjust to the requirements of chromatic quality of the marks.

Support of the sector

Although the users of ink of any manufacturer can take advantage of the advantages of PantoneLive, Sun Chemical is the mark of ink recommended. Esko (Read the presses release), international provider of integrated cheese cheese solutions for the finishing of containers, labels and display units, commercial impressesion and professional edition, is another of the companies that back the system PantoneLive. Both companies have collaborated closely with Pantone and X-Rite to develop PantoneLive. The technology and the chromatic data of Sun Chemical are the base of PantoneLive, and this technology is integrated cheese cheese in the systems of Esko.

Another technological partner is Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation, company of design, manufacture and distribution of flexographic printers and of huecograbado that will incorporate PantoneLive in his systems of formulation of the colour in machine and control of quality.