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The half of the microempresas Spanish bet by the growth in spite of the crisis


20 February 2012

The microempresas Spanish are betting by the growth in spite of the crisis, the economic uncertainty and the difficulties of access to the financials; and they are, beside the Germans, those that more are centring in promoting the growth and the expansion.

According to the survey of Coleman Parkes commissioned by Epson, near of the half of the microempresas Spanish are focused to the growth and have a much braver perspective that the Europeans and, especially, that the Italians. 28% of the microempresas Spanish affirms to be exploring a wary growth, practically the double of 15% registered in Italy and very near of 30% of Germany. Another 18% pursues an aggressive growth, six points more than the rest of countries analysed and sixteen more than Italy. Instead, and in spite of the economic difficulties that crosses the country, only 16% affirms that his priority is to struggle by the survival, by 23% of the microempresas Italian.

In spite of the bet by the growth, the obstacles that find the microempresas in this way are not few. The economic uncertainty is not the only —although yes the most important— and Spain is the country with greater incidence. 97% of the employers considers it a ballast, by 89% of the French. The fault of financials is also one of the big obstacles, for 82% of the microempresas, but the study reveals that this problem is not exclusive of Spain but also of the rest of countries.
A worrisome data that reflects the report is the strategy cortoplacista of the microempresas Spanish by cause of the crisis, as they indicate some factors. Asked on the current strategies of growth, 70% of the agents affirms to be centred in reducing costs, two thirds is going down prices to keep the sales, 85% does not look for new customers and 76% is not developing new products and services. There is as too many microempresas that use solutions in the short term by the problems related with the coyuntura economic current, what could cause problems on a long-term basis. The reduction of margins and of prices can serve in the short term but will be difficult to change when it improve the economic situation. It would be preferable for the companies improve the levels of service, of quality of the products and of participation with the customers, in place to go down prices and margins.
The majority of the microempresas Spanish, 94%, thinks that there is too many and diverse public initiatives of support to the small companies, so many that it is very difficult to find the information and the necessary help. Besides, 84% never has considered useful the services of support to the SMEs and 86% thinks that this deficit of effective helps and financials repercutirá negatively in the growth of the region. This worrisome situation has existed during a lot of years, and the governments have to occupy of this problem with more rapidity. The agents of small companies do not have time to know where find available the bottoms. They need to find with ease mechanisms of easy financials to understand. The time is money for the small companies and, although the companies need financials to help them to achieve his plans of growth, these bottoms have to be accessible of easy and fast form.

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