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Syngenta España, S.A.U. - Multi-purpose insecticides

Syngenta Vertimec

Insecticides-acaricides: it acts on pests mainly by ingestion

Picture of Insecticides-acaricides
Vertimec is an acaricide that acts on pests mainly by ingestion. Once applied on the leaf surface, Vertimec quickly penetrates the inside of sheets, thanks to its action translaminar, and is protected from possible washed by the rain and subsequent risks. Furthermore, Vertimec has a high persistence in pest control and does not affect beneficial insects entering treated cultures after spray has dried.

Authorized applications outbreaks Leafminer (Phyllocnistis citrella) Red mite (Panonychus citri) Wonderland mite (Eriophyes sheldoni) spider mite (Tetranychus spp.).

Dosage and directions for use 40 ml/hl with summer paraffinic oil 250 ml/hl or high quality ore. For the control of leaf miners, apply the product at the beginning of the time of sprouting, when sprouts are 3 to 5 cm in length. For control of mites, apply the product at the beginning of the attack, using the volume of water needed for the full coverage of the foliage.

Presentations: • 250 ml • 1 litre • 5 litres