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Comercial Projar, S.A. - Liquid and water soluble fertilizers


Fertilizante Of chelates: entirely soluble in water

Picture of Fertilizante Of chelates
The chelates are important for the absorption of the oligoelementos. Peters Includes the chelates but optimised, to guarantee a system that work properly even in difficult circumstances, as for example if the value of pH sustrato is not optimum.

Peters Also contains M-77. Everything turns around the absorption of the nutrients by the roots, and M-77 ensures an optimum availability and guarantees an effective absorption.

Between his characteristics stand out that it is entirely soluble in water, small granules, easy dissolution; formulation very pure, without substances added, high solubility; with NPK, magnesium and oligoelementos, some also available formulations with calcium added; fast answer of the plant after his application, developed for plants enmaletadas, plants in tray of crop and also applicable in plants in container and includes the only M-77.