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Suministros Ilaga, S.L. - Product data sheet

Beach cleaning equipment

Blowers / Vacuums

Compost bins

Chippers for gardening, bioshredders

Drills (agricultural)

Equipment for sport facilities maintenance

Esparcidores Dragged of salt and granulated

Fertiliser spreaders

Fertilizer spreaders

Garbage trucks

Garden and orchard flail mowers

Garden forklifts

Garden mowers

Gravel machine

Ground rollers

Hose reels and carts

Lawn sweeper


Machinery for artificial grass

Manual grain seeders

Manual lawn trimmer

Meadows platform

Mechanical cultivators

Mini loaders

Other automotive tools for gardening

Other implements

Other materials for garden

Pneumatic cultivators



Rotary harrows

Salt spreaders (also for granulated products)


Stone buriers

Substrate spreaders

Trailed sprayers

Trailers (for gardening)

Trenchers for agriculture and gardening

Turf seeders