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This news article was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for your convenience. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. The original article in Spanish can be viewed at El proyecto de PGE 2012 para I+D+i debería priorizar el gasto en partidas que mejoren la productividad empresarial

The project of PGE 2012 for R&D would have to prioritise the expense in games that improve the business productivity


25 May 2012

The Spanish Federation of Technological Centress considers that the General Budgets of the State have to prioritise the efficiency of the expense in R&D improving initiatives that have showed effective results and his capacity to produce technological changes and innovations to improve the current levels of business productivity.

The R&D has seen gravely prejudiced in the PGE, since the reductions of the destined games to R&D present a reduction of 25,57% with regard to the final budget approved for the year 2011, in front of 16,9% of the half reduction of the General Budgets of the State.

Nominative, assigned so rated, non-competitive and poorly justified, common in previous budgets, transfers are reduced by 96%.

The proposed r & d cuts affect very differently to each of the chapters of expenditure. Costs in chapters 1 to 6 corresponding to the public structure of research, coordination and management (ministries and public research organisms adscript) are reduced only by 4.97 percent. Financial assets (loans) are reduced by 27.8% (1.220,7 M) but still the budget approved for this type of expenditure is higher than the executed in 2011. Instead subsidies intended to finance competitive public calls for aid to r & d projects, framed in Chapter 7, descend up to 37.4%.

The project of Law will affect therefore in a lot of elder measured to the no ascribed agents to the General Administration of the State (Companies and Technological Centres) since these do not have of public funds nominativos that allow them keep his structures of R&D but they depend of the degree of success that obtain his projects in competitive public announcements, that in 2012 will concentrate the greater part of the budgetary cuts.

Ascertains and observes with worry that the most punished program in the Project of Law presented by the Government is the devoted to fund the business R&D through the CDTI, that sees reduced his financials for projects of business R&D in 62%. Nevertheless this reduction, according to the Government, will remain paliada by the application of a remainder of tesorería available in the CDTI whose quantity, to the not remaining reflected in the Project of Law, prevents to value the budgetary reduction final that will have to tackle this organism.