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A study affirms that the gardening improves the intelligence of the boys


05 December 2011

The study has been published by the Royal Hoticultural Society and of him concludes that the boys that practise the gardening improve his intellectual skills, social and physical. In accordance with an investigation carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research and published by the RHS (both with headquarters in the United Kingdom), the boys that form in schools that include in his educational program activities of gardening present sensitive improvements in his academic and intellectual capacities, social and physical.

The study consisted in interviewing to 1.300 professors and examine 10 schools of the United Kingdom, so much of big as of small cities, finding that in those where the boys practised with some frequency the gardening, these stood out of other groups by a better knowledge and scientific understanding related with the plants, the natural phenomena around his growth and how the seeded turned into food, in addition to a remarkable extension of his vocabulary and the strengthening of his self-esteem and of the confidence in others. They developed besides with the gardening skills motoras fine and the sense of the responsibility, a more positive attitude in front of the options of healthy feeding and, in general, a character bent to the emotional welfare.



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