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Chain Ferrokey starts his campaign 'Garden 2011'


on March 15, 2011

On Monday, March 28, Ferrokey chain starts his 'Garden 2011' campaign, with duration until the 30 of July of this year.

The campaign brochure offers 48 pages with more than 1,000 product references, of more than 70 suppliers of the most important brands in the industry. As usual, the campaign is complemented by support material at the point of sale, with specific portaprecios and signage.

Ferrokey this year proposes a wide range of products for the garden and outdoor life: an extensive range of garden furniture, modern, a very innovative reuse of rainwater to irrigate collection sectiona system of atomization and its accessories to cool off, hoses, adaptable tools, programmers of irrigation, modern systems of underground irrigation and for multiple pots, raingauge, special thermometers, mowers, meshes for shading, accessories for most campers, barbecues, a special section for children - 'giant' games and swings - products for pets, stands for garden, products for the care of furniture and floors of wood, etc.

There is also the wide range of products of the brand Ferrokey, FERR Garden, and the new Garde FERR Plus range. Everything that this campaign of the Ferrokey chain offers, we can know in the web, visiting space 'Pamphlets', from the 28 of March.