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Schmersal Presents in Hispack a new generation of sensors of hygiene

Editorial Interempresas25/04/2012

25 April 2012

The technology CSS developed and patented by Schmersal has been recognised to international level. Now, Schmersal presents a new step forward in his development: the sensor of electronic hygiene RSS 36.
The new sensor RSS 36 that Schmersal presents in Hispack also possesses all the known advantages of the technology CSS, as, for example, the connection in series of until 31 sensors to a level of provision ‘and' in accordance with the norm IN 13849-1/ SIL 3. Besides, there is available distinct variants, that differ between them by his coding.

The basic version of the sensor gives answer to any suitable aim. The second version only accepts the aim that has informed during the first set up. In the third version, the process of information can repeat the number of times that wish . Of this way, the user can choose the variant encoded more suitable, determining equally the level of protection against unauthorised modifications. This is possible thanks to the incorporation of the technology RFID in the sensor of hygiene.

The sensor RSS36 possess all the known advantages of the technology CSS.
The new series characterises by his universal possibilities of setting. Optionally, there is available a pestillo magnetic integrated cheese cheese, which allows to use the sensor like tope final when it installs in protections of small hygiene. The high distance of conmutación provides a greater margin of freedom in the setting of the sensor and the actuator.

The materials used in the envolvente of the RSS 34 have been tested of compliance with the directives ‘Ecolab' and are resistant to the products of aggressive cleaning. Thanks to his class of protection IP 69K, can use , for example, in sectors of the alimentary industry, in which they use cleansing to steam or of high pressesure.

SLC/ SLG 440: optoelectronical Products multifuncionales, new curtains and rejillas optical of hygiene

'An alone series of products for all the applications imaginables', with this idea in mind, the centre of excellence in optoelectronical products that Schmersal has in Mühldorf/Inn (Germany) has developed some new curtains and rejillas optical of hygiene of type 4 satisfied with the norm IEC/ IN 61496. The series, designated SLC/ SLG 440, offers numerous functions that in the traditional solutions only are available like additional options or in series of different products. Some of these functions are, for example, the supresión (blanking) fixed and floating, the supresión fixed with zone of mobile edge and the double confirmation.
New curtains and rejillas optical of hygiene IS-0083-SC.
The functions select in the way of adjust of parameters. The screens realise of simple form and without software of PC, through a screen of 7 elements and with an only device of entrance (pulsador). Once completed, the selection stores in the system. Between the functions of series are the control of contactores (EMD), the automatic way, the way of reinicio and the coding of do. From the point of view of the manufacturer of machines, like this facilitates enormously the management of the stock: it was cual was the application that have to face the manufacturer, always can use the same model.

Thanks to his compact design (dimensions of the profile: 28 x 33 mm), the new curtains and rejillas optical of hygiene can employ also in spaces limited. The carcasa of the sensor offers an ideal protection and allows to use the product even with high mechanical loads.

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