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Aragon shows all his logistical potential


26 April 2012

The four logistical platforms Aragonese —Square, Platea, PLHUS, PLFraga— and Saragossa Logistic Center (ZLC) participated of conjoint way in the fifth edition of Logis Expo that celebrates beside LOGIS Stock and LOGIS Trailer. The contest, in which they participated 94 pertinent signatures of Spain, Denmark, France and Mexico, constitutes an interesting shop window in matter of logistics, transport and industrial polygons.

During the inauguration, the adviser Rafael Fernández of Aragon explained the importance that the logistical platforms Aragoneses join to attract investors “Aragon goes to attract to the customers with a lot of more strength joining the management of his logistical platforms in an alone company with an only management much more efficient that the one who had up to now and achieving, still in a bad moment, better results, this is what expect” manifested.

The four logistical platforms Aragonese and ZLC participated in this event with a stand of 100 square metres in which it reflected the put in value by part the Government of Aragon of the privileged situation geoestratégica of Aragon, that supposes a competitive advantage and diferenciadora so that our territory lead an offer of logistical infrastructures communications and learning referents to international level. Thus, they have developed almost 3.000 hectares in four platforms and logistical centres, boosting also the ideas, the innovation and the study of the logistics through Saragossa Logistic Center, the institute of investigation created by the Government of Aragon in collaboration with the Institute of Technology of Massachussetts and the University of Saragossa, whose headquarters finds in PlaZaA. A logistical offer that shows through the Logistical Platform of Saragossa, the greater logistical platform intermodal of Europe with 13.117.977 square metres. His main characteristic is that it is based in a centre intermodal of transports (railway industry, road and aeroplane) that facilitates the integration and the obtaining of sinergias in the logistical chains that all the logistics operators need.

To his time, the operating capacity of the autovía Mudéjar that connects Raise, with the north of Spain through his traced natural by Aragon, achieves that Platea result a base of fundamental link of the maritime commodity for the most dynamic ports of the Mediterranean. While, the logistical platform PLHUS Huesca offers an infrastructure to the companies that centre in north markets of Spain since with the new autovía will remain joined Basque Country-Pamplona-Huesca- Lleida and Barcelona with all the potential that these centres of production and consumption suppose. Without forgetting, PLFraga, a platform, situated in the dynamic region of the Low Cinca, in the extreme sudeste of the province of Huesca a short 20 km of Lleida. Fraga Is situated in a key point of communications between the axles Madrid-Saragossa-Barcelona and Bilbao-Saragossa-Barcelona by means of the autovía To-2 and of the motorway of the Ebro AP-2.It has communications of prime importance to France by the Pyrenees, to Huesca and to Valencia.