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The metal and the human

Ibon Linacisoro
And why not another point of view? The sector of machine tools, the processing of the metal sector, relates between the ordinary mortals, including less common is working in this sector, with something hard. Not physically. Rough for human beings, lacking smoothness, nothing entertaining, just next to our human condition. But is without a doubt, a bad transmission to society what industry can do for us. Because the metal is hot after being heated and cold after being cooled down. It is permeable to what do you, swayed by the steady hand of who it wants to take action. It is true for a time to what closest you. Why not warm the metal during the raw winter, let us wrap for his smooth surround touch? Why not cool us with him in the summer months? Hard metal know to be warm, be it and even, perhaps, it up want be it. Because not understood if it is not so its left wanting, malear, to facilitate the crazy race of humans towards a goal nonexistent, unknown, a decorated path of numerous metal objects deformed, mechanized, subjected to 5 axes, torneados, reamedthreaded, heat treatment, surface attacks. What would become of us without this hard metal that heats up when it comes to heat, cool when it must be cool and support when it is necessary to support? Basically we know it. Not consciously, but in some corner of our ball of bone is the idea that without the metal we would not be anything and would not it be, therefore, without these all-powerful machines the metal back to its original shape, one of which departed, it seems not feasible that a material acquires so complex if it is not Recalling the path to its original form. And it is possible that, precisely in knowing it, although we do not know what we know, we are impelled to enjoy the harmonious movement of a machine tool and will be able to stay looking, self-absorbed, with the watchful eyes and lost thoughts, how a tool acts with determination but without aggressiveness on a block of steel to make him the piece that It has inside. Perhaps therefore fairs concentrates also a non-professional audience who just wants to see machines for the sheer pleasure of seeing them act. Because in the back and forth controlled a five axis machining there is something human, something caress that approximates the Viewer to the hard metal subjected to the tool. And ultimately, up the brunt of the humans, even those who has hidden his heart behind a metal Cuirass, cave in its hardness to allow his armor to pass a pleasant heat to his condition of being inside.

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