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Betastar Combo

Rapid tests for detection of antibiotics in milk: beta-lactams, cephalosporins and tetracyclines in milk of cow, goat and sheep

Picture of Rapid tests for detection of antibiotics in milk
The test uses reactive binders bound to particles of gold, and has two steps: 1. A certain volume of milk is added to the vial with a specific amount of binding proteins, which will react with any beta-lactam or present tetracycline.

2. In the second phase, the incubated medium is allowed to migrate by Strip Betastar Combo (half immuno-chromatographic) where takes place the detection on three bands of the Strip. The first (bottom) line captures all the reagents tetracycline binders who have not interacted with tetracycline antibiotics during the preliminary incubation. The second line (average) the Strip serves as a control line to ensure correct operation of the test, and also serves as a reference to compare with the lines one and three. The third (top) line of this medium captures all the reagents that bind to beta-lactams, which have not interacted with any beta-lactam antibiotic during preliminary incubation. In milk without detectable tetracyclines or beta-lactam antibiotics, the upper and lower lines show red bands with greater intensity than the control line and the test result is negative. If no bands appear or lines of antibiotic red bands have one lower than the control line intensity, proteins have been wholly or partially blocked by these antibiotics and the test result is positive. If the line of the control band is absent, the test is invalid.