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The four cardinal points

Ibon Linacisoro, Director15/03/2004
Spanish manufacturing is immersed in a sea of doubts. The frequent news about companies who "are" their production to cheaper countries are causing essential internal reflections. From where we come from? Where are we going? Who we are? But the situation should not sound us Chinese. I.e., the emergence of the Spanish production in various sectors occurred many years ago, among other things because Spain was then what is now the East. Yes, if before the Centre and the North were concerned the South, now from the South looking with anger to the East; the European and, a little further, to South Asia.

The threat is twofold: migration of the production and import of Asian finished products in sectors likely to suffer from this competition. We have to both lost the battle of production? Who knows... will depend on many factors. But in the long term, perhaps this only know what future generations, now cheap countries will no longer be so, and will look at in anger to another side. China, for example, already begins you to make references to capitalism, and when not so hopefully, this giant will spend what we have come to us, that we have gone from being a country cheap for manufacturing companiesto be relatively expensive. And the same applies to Eastern Europe. At that time East will look more to the South, perhaps to Africa, to look for guilty of his unhappy fate. And in these oscillating movements of our necks looking for culprits by the four cardinal points will come the clamping cervical if we have not well warmed the muscles of our industrial fabric. Innovation, investment, Audacity are key factors to continue on the train.

Zapatero is committed to doubling research in four years if he arrived at La Moncloa and count as r & d expenses only those who are really used for these purposes, relocating for military spending in the right place. Look at ourselves is a good step to stop looking for threats, because, ultimately, the enemy can be everywhere.

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