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The president of AECOC augura a strong concentration of the distribution in the next two years


2 March 2012

In a stage in which the domestic consumption is, at least, stagnated, the president of AECOC, Francisco Javier Field, did a call to the internationalisation of the companies in the IX Meeting of employers of distribution of the IESE, the past 29 February.

In his opinion, the companies of distribution have to centre his efforts in working to promote a frame regulatorio that favour the development of the consumption, bet by the internationalisation in front of the local growth and improve in terms of competitiveness betting, for this, by the innovation. According to Francisco Javier Field the companies have to “dare” to innovar in appearances like the structure of his assortment, politics of prices, efficiency of the management of the chain of supply and in the adoption of the new technologies.

In this sense, the president of AECOC resaltó that the exports are growing above 17%, while the number of exporting companies has grown so alone in 10%.

In relation to the structure of the assortment, the president of AECOC indicated that the second marks go to have a horizon complicated and that the capacity of innovation of the distributors will be fundamental of face to increase the sales by square metre. Of equal way, Field encouraged to the companies to bet by a promotional strategy diferenciadora and to work in the on-line marketing and in the fidelización of the customer.

The president of AECOC remembered besides that a chain of efficient supply can be 20% “less expensive” that a normal and that the levels of obsolete stock and the margins of the companies are very conditioned by the efficiency of the chain of supply and by the capacity of planning.

In a context in which the electronic trade has grown 25%, Francisco Javier Field underlined also the need to work in the on-line sale and in the digital marketing.

Finally, the president of AECOC announced that, during the two next years, the distribution goes to live an important process of concentration, to the equal that has occurred in other sectors. In this sense has remembered that 90% of the companies of manufacture are SMEs.

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