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Exago addresses veterinary equine to gynecological diagnoses, reproduction as well as tendon and muscle-skeletal examinations

New scanner digital, five times more light, which makes diagnoses in situ

Drafting Interempresas19/05/2010

May 19, 2010

Equipped with the latest technologies for use in the medical sector, Exago allowing diagnosis in situ or in the own clinic. In short, this digital and portable scanner, from the French manufacturer ECM, weighs just 3,250 grams, interchangeable battery included. It is a useful tool for the veterinary industry, specializing in equine and pets.
The ultrasonically Exago of ECM manufacturer, streamlines the diagnosis of equine and pets. Photo: Brian Lary.

Between 4 and 5 lighter times that an ecógrafo traditional. Like this it presents Exago, manufactured by the French ECM skilled in echography from does more than 25 years. A digital device, thought for veterinary that work with equinos and animals of company, with the last medical advances to realizar diagnostics in any place. With a weight of 3.250 grams, included the interchangeable battery, the ecógrafo Exago characterises by his dimensions reduced, lightness and operative autonomy (of 4,30 hours). Besides, this team has screen of 8,4” and image of big resolution make possible to effect reliable diagnostics, as well as record images of echographies and sequences of video directly in the memory of the device.

With a weight of 3,250 grams, Exago is characterized by its small size, lightness and operational autonomy. This device is between 4 and 5 times lighter than a traditional ultrasonically

A portable scanner with which they are downloaded and updated programs

For digital operation, Exago allows downloading and updating of programmes (software and hardware), so that it operates with an evolutionary system, according to needs of the user and possible applications. Since you have multiple connections, you can attach a bigger screen, a printer and/or a USB stick, for example. This team, developed and produced in Angoulême (France), is presented with a wide range of probes often (convex, microconvexa, linear) variable-oriented both reproduction and gynaecology, and the tendon and muscle-skeletal examinations.

This digital device is easy to carry, lightweight and equipped with a range of 4.30 hours.
The new scanner is displayed in several contests

Throughout the year 2010, the Gallic producer will show its line of scanners in different rooms. As the Congress of associations of veterinary equine French (Avef) to be held in Bordeaux (France), from 7 to 9 October and on to the Fares, International Equine Exhibition to be held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), from November 29 to December 1. Finally, these teams also will be presented at the Annual convention of American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) to be held in Baltimore, Maryland (United States), from 4 to 8 December. In collaboration with their Canadian partner Noveko International, ECM produces and markets real-time scanners, designed for the medical and veterinary sector. Computers that meet the certifications ISO 9001 and 13485 s. To date, this manufacturer already developed devices for cattle, sheep and goats, mainly due to its network of distributors in over 55 countries.

Ultrasonically Exago, along with other devices of the firm, will be released in international fairs.