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Av. Matapiñonera, 7 - Pol. Ind. La Hoya
28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) Spain

Import and distribution of air conditioning, solar energy, burners, absorption equipment

Location of Lumelco, S.A.


Lumelco, S.A.

Lumelco began their activity in 1967 with the Swiss burners Elco heating sector. Since its beginnings its premise was to market products of the highest quality and implement them with personalized service at the same height, with a totally customer-oriented business vision.
In the 1980s incorporated the multinational Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning equipment and since then have exclusivity in Spain.
Over the years Lumelco has grown and professionalizing it, incorporating a specialized team that includes nationwide, offering individualized and personalized attention, technical support and short delivery times, always oriented to help grow customers in your business.
Recently Lumelco has built-in thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, (Thermomax and MHI) a commitment to renewable energy, and respect for the environment, and the absorption of the Broad manufacturer teams.