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Schneider Electric presents Magelis SCU, the last generation of controllers HMI compact


7 October 2013

Schneider Electric, global specialist in management of the power and in energetic efficiency, has presented the last generation of controllers HMI devoted to applications of machines and simple processes. Magelis SCU Has been especially designed to offer the best visualisation and control optimised for a big variety of applications. Besides, Magelis SCU allows to save until 30% the costs of installation and the costs associated to the cycle of life of the machine.

The controllers Magelis SCU reduce significantly the total cost of wiring and of the team in comparison with a traditional solution of control formed by a PLC and a terminal HMI. And it is that an only device integrates all the functions required to control machines and processes without additional costs: screen TFT of 65.000 colours and size of 3,5” or 5,7”, as well as And/S analog (apt for probe of temperature) and And/S digital (contaje fast and PTO/PWM). The integration of Magelis SCU in systems of automation already existent is guaranteeed thanks to the variety of protocols of communication and interfaces of available communication (serial port, port USB, Ethernet, CANopen). His functional and compact design allows to reduce the space in the cupboard, fact that converts to Magelis SCU in a very adapted solution for applications where the space is a factor limitante.

New controller Magelis SCU.
The integrated design of the Magelis SCU provides the maximum functionality. The installation simplifies since it is not necessary the use of tools thanks to the creameros of And/S extraíbles without grub screws and to the innovative system of fast setting ‘push button'. This system allows the union of the frontal signpost and the CPU through a board of diameter 22 mm. The flexibility of the system of control is guaranteeed since it is possible to exchange the terminal HMI, being able to choose one of the two sizes of the available screen as it require the application, and fix the CPU in lane DIN separated of the screen by means of a wire of extension (3 m or 5 m).

The controllers Magelis SCU offer the possibility to visualise and control his application from any location increasing the availability of his systems. Vijeo Design'Air Is the new application of Schneider Electric that allows to connect remotamente to the terminal HMI through a Tablet or Smartphone, iOS or Android, allowing interactuar with the system of control. The user also can connect remotamente to the system of control of free form through WebGate, using a browser to visualise and control the system

Simplify the programming and the set up of his machine with SoMachine. The users of Magelis SCU can benefit of the experience and the ‘know-how' of Schneider Electric through a wide group of staff, libraries and Blocks of Functions of Application integrated in the software of programming. SoMachine Includes Vijeo Designer, the software of configuration of terminals HMI.


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