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Schmersal CSS 30S

Sensor of hygiene of stainless steel: with class of protection IP69K

Picture of Sensor of hygiene of stainless steel

The sensor of hygiene of stainless steel of Schmersal with class of protection IP 69K incorporates the technology CSS, that allows, between other things, the connection in series of a maximum of 31 sensors with possibilities of communication and intelligent diagnostic, without prejudice to the category of hygiene.

The CSS 30S is a sensor of cylindrical hygiene with class of protection IP69K, what means that it can presurizar by all sides with a cleaner to high pressesure or to steam without any deterioration neither effect on his operation.

The carcasa of the sensor is absolutely hermetical. The threaded tube M30 is milling with solidez and the active frontal faces of the sensor and the actuator also are integrated cheese cheese in the carcasa of stainless steel of type 1,4404. This gives to the system a high mechanical resistance to the corrosion and to the chemical agents, as those that find for example in the aggressive cleansing agents. The sensor has of an integrated cheese cheese connector of type M12 of 8 poles, that also fulfils with the requirements of the class of protection IP69K.

Thanks to this provision, the CSS 30S can employ in a lot of applications of the sector of the processed of foods, of the pharmaceutical industry and in any another field where exist requirements of hygiene elevated.

The high mechanical resistance and to vibrations, guaranteeed by the technology of microprocessor without contact, expands the field of application of the sensor.

To be necessary, the sensor can install likewise behind resguardos and covers of hygiene of plastic or stainless steel austenítico, given his wide distance of conmutación. Like the sensor tolerates an axial misalignment of roughly 9 mm, remains initially activate in the case of resguardos toneless. Some LED multifuncionales offer a simple diagnostic in situ: the messages of diagnostic issue a warning in case of imminent unemployment, with what increases the availability of the machinery.

The CSS 30S is indicated for applications until the category SIL 3 according to IEC 61508 or PL and as IN ISO 13849, and reaches the category of control 4 as IN 954-1, even if they connect in series several sensors. Another provision are the monitoring of cortocircuitos and external tension in the exits of hygiene. For the evaluation of signals, Schmersal offers a wide range of modules and controllers of hygiene.

Besides, the technology CSS provides information of diagnostic detailed that it can employ for the fast location of failures or for statistical evaluations. For an easy transmission of these data, is available a variant of the CSS 30S with an interface of diagnostic in series for his connection to a Profibus DP.