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Manipuladores Type joy-stick robust: for an optimum interaction between person and machine

Picture of Manipuladores Type joy-stick robust
Extremely robust, compact, of multiple applications and functional: those are the basic characteristics of the manipuladores type Joy-Stick.

Thanks to these characteristic are perfectly adapted for the use in machines and installations of the alimentary industry and in the technician of processings and processes. Besides they are adapted for industrial applications especially hard, including the use in external areas. In comparison with systems of control multifuncionales, as they know , for example in control units for cranes and industrial vehicles, require of much less space for the setting.

Applications in the outside: when the manipuladores type Joy-Stick use under conditions of low temperatures, that is to say until -40 °C, the pistones of the equipment are greased incidentally with a special fat so much in the cabezales of control as in the elements of contact. This additional measure avoids the freezing of condensed water (with the consequence of irrigations that the pistones block ) when the equipment used are exposed during the use to changes of temperature around the freezing point.

Besides, they are available the variants with protection IP 69K. This degree of protection, that was developed originally for the construction of vehicles for the road, indicates that the manipuladores type Joy-Stick can be subjected to a cleaning of high pressesure without that his function see influenciada for that.