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Chauvin Arnoux Ibérica, S.A. - About...

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Roger de Flor, 293 1ª Planta
08025 Barcelona Spain

Manufacturer of Instrumentation of Test and Measure for electrical installations, industrial maintenance, management of power and education.

Location of Chauvin Arnoux Ibérica, S.A.


Chauvin Arnoux Ibérica, S.A.

The group Chauvin Arnoux, the European specialist in the field of the instrumentation, has of a complete offer of products of measure, thanks to his marks CHAUVIN ARNOUX®, METRIX®, MULTIMETRIX® and AEMC®, specialised in the pole of test and fixed and portable measure. Also it is the mark ENERDIS®, expert in energetic management and electrical equipment, PYRO CONTRÔLE®, devoted to the thermal sensors equipment, AMRA® and MTI®, in the field of the commercialisation of relays.

From a product of specific design, created in one of the six centres of Investigation and Development that possesses the group and manufactured in one of his centres of production (4 in France, 1 in United States and 1 in Italy), until the standard product of catalogue, Chauvin Arnoux answers to the demands of each customer. A catalogue with more than 5000 products referenciados is to the disposal of the electricista, the industry, the education and the Administrations.

A deployment of subsidiaries and distributors all over the world accompany the international growth of the group Chauvin Arnoux and allow him develop his marks in the five continents.

The Spanish subsidiary, has been offering from 20 years ago, a wide range of products CHAUVIN ARNOUX and attends simultaneously to the Portuguese and Cuban territory. Under the marks of the group, answer to the needs detected through the time, and projected by our department of R&D.

His certification of the ISO 9001-2000, endorses his knowledge and experience in the manufacture of products of maximum quality.