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Sure they are safe

Ibon Linacisoro, Director01/08/2004
Plastic materials are saving lives. Well, actually have done it since for a long time, because in many security-related sectors are applications that dramatically improve previous devices, or simply because their exceptional properties such as containers and packaging materials much prolong the life of packaged to facilitate foodfor example, their access to areas that have suffered from any catastrophe.

But recently the television has reminded us in the retransmission of the sport of fashion: formula 1. Although it is practically a redundant message, the truth is that plastics have revolutionized the world of formula one. Rather, they have to this sport in a permanent revolution, if it is that this conceptual paradox is acceptable. Recently went stunned to the dramatic accidents during races: pilots, after losing wheel, hitting against the walls and give any other round Bell, emerged unharmed from accidents which in not very distant times would have killed them. Thus, the plastics reinforced with fibers of carbon have become a sort of "guardian angels" of Fernando Alonso and company, and they have managed to convert the Roadsters on faster machines and, most importantlymuch safer.

Without a doubt, the automotive industry is one that has most benefited from the "goodness" of new materials and one has more thanks to the progress made in the investigation.

Because Yes, ladies and gentlemen, plastics save lives, not only in the noisy circuits of "pole position", but also in silent hospitals - we do not have more than enumerate the sanitary objects made of plastic - mentally.

Plastic materials are already unfathomable part of our lives, so much that they even at times, saved them.

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