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Profine Iberia, S.A.U. (Kommerling) - About...

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Pol. Ind. de Alcamar, s/n
28816 Camarma de Esteruelas (Madrid) Spain

Manufacturer of PVC profiles.

Location of Profine Iberia, S.A.U. (Kommerling)


Profine Iberia, S.A.U. (Kommerling)

Kömmerling is implanted in the Spain in 1982, creating the factory in 1993. (Germany kömmerling has 110 years).

Currently Kömmerling has an official network of approximately 100 processors and over 150 distributors of brand, distributed throughout Spain, and new workshops and shops remain open continuously.

Activity manufacture of systems of profiles and plates of pvc Windows, doors and other industrial construction applications according to the criteria of sustainable construction and offering values in terms of thermal insulation and energy saving concerns. Their profiles far outweigh the technical code requirements.

Kömmerling systems has established a strict quality system that has obtained the AENOR certification company registered ER-0488/200. All profiles that are manufactured have the trademark Greenline due to its composition based on calcium-zinc which is ahead of European legislation in terms of respect and care of the environment.

Pvc is an ideal material for carpentry, due to its great thermal and acoustic insulation (by its low permeability to air). Pvc profiles have galvanised steel reinforcements to equip them with more inertia. It is a material, which unlike wood, does not require maintenance.

Kömmerling profiles quality assurance is subject to: - ISO 9001 factory production Control.
-Marked CE, ready to be implemented on a voluntary basis (February 2008), since it will not be mandatory until February 2009.
-Other regulations: UNE wind tightness permeability resistance thermal transmittance resistance to impact stability dimensions