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Asociación de Empresas del Cerramiento de Galicia -AECALPO- - About...

Contact data

Castelao, 6 - 2ºD
36001 Pontevedra Spain

Business Association of the enclosure

Location of Asociación de Empresas del Cerramiento de Galicia -AECALPO-


AECALPO is a Business Association representative of the sector from the enclosure in Galicia (carpentry of aluminium, stainless steel, PVC, blinds, glass installers,...) whose primary purpose is to represent and defend the interests of the nearly one hundred and fifty companies that comprise it and, by extension, of the entire sector of the enclosure.

Founded in 1996 develops plans of continuous and occupational workers training, publishes the biannual magazine "InforCALPO", has signed agreements for collaboration with all kinds of institutions, promotes biennially the monographic show of window and window VECOGAL, organizes guided visits to companies in the sector, etc, etc.

In short, a dynamic partnership made by professionals for professionals.