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Folgueroles, 17-25
08022 Barcelona Spain


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Dornbracht España, S.L.


We are a company with vision for the future and at the same time subject to their roots. Based on a family tradition of several decades, Dornbracht has grown to become the leader in the field of fittings and accessories for bathroom. Quality, functionality and design are the cornerstones of our philosophy which is collected in our demands. Requirements, which are the basis for our success and that represent our daily challenge. In the year 2000, Dornbracht celebrated its 50th anniversary, and the company enjoys a leading position in the market in many countries of the world today. Today, they have included in our program products fittings and accessories for the kitchen, as well as the Dornbracht Interiors ®, a range of furniture and accessories for exclusive design.


Current, clear and clean water. This is the starting point for our company, and the point of orientation in the creation of our products. All fittings and accessories that bear the name Dornbracht possess clear and unequivocal functionality. They are a quality highly polished in terms of the material used and its preparation, and its basic design is constantly developed.

Because only those who evolve, are kept. This always was and is for Dornbracht as a company and its products.

The corporate culture of Dornbracht is marked by an open environment that encourages and rewards the motivation of the co-workers, delegating responsibilities, sense for quality, the performance will and love for the products and services.


If the basis is right, the idea is that gives the nuance. Therefore, that our philosophy is marked by the design for several decades. Our products are not a simple decoration, but the expression of an individual bathroom culture. In a high degree of quality, our faucets and accessories are manufactured for each type of style: from traditional to modern. Numerous national and international awards and design prizes confirm the path we follow.


With our fittings we also show love for detail and fascination for the finished manufacturing. Artisan tradition comes a demand that has been maintained to date: the highest level of functionality, form and finish as the Foundation for the design of each product.

The general direction for the quality mark all stages of development: from the decision to carry out a new development until its final perfect execution. The combination of the qualities of craft with modern methods of procedure and manufacturing techniques, as well as creative maximum performance have conferred you on Dornbracht a name recognized even outside our economic branch. Our products have also become ideal examples of perfectly finished. But only the original have the quality and the value that gives them the brand.

We relate design with substance: under the noble surfaces in chromium, Platinum or gold, which key outside of objects according to their personal desire, hides the solid brass material. This demand for high-quality materials and a solid manufacturing are the basis and the expression of the longevity of our products and their functions.