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The company presents his new elevador for houses unifamiliares Home Elevador 7, able of mimetizarse with his surroundings until happening careless

The elevador more camaleónico of ThyssenKrupp Encasa sees the light to 250 m of height

Editorial Interempresas13/04/2012

13 April 2012

ThyssenKrupp Encasa has presented in Spain a new and exclusive elevador vertical, the Home Elevador HAVE7, created for the most demanding customers. The event took place on 12 April in the plant 50 of the building Tower of Cristal and had the intervention of the vicedecano of the Official School of Architects of Madrid (COAM), Julián Franco López, and of Mark Albert, general director of ThyssenKrupp Encasa.

The HAVE7 joins to the wide range of elevadores vertical of the catalogue ThyssenKrupp Encasa. In this occasion, the German company has merged design and technology, to attain a new concept of the space in which functionality and elegance are an everything. It is the first ‘Push to go' of able luxury of mimetizarse with his surroundings until happening careless.

The Home Elevador 7 has a character camaleónico that allows him mimetizarse with any surroundings (situated in the left part of the photo).

In the lemma ‘Bienvenido home' concentrates the tendency to convert the need of accessibility in a fundamental part of the house, without that thus they perceive significant changes in the natural surroundings of the home. The HAVE7 integrates to perfection in any environingingment, being always the centre of attention, although in occasions and paradoxically, was it for happening entirely unobserved. It is he the one who adapts to the house and no the other way around. The HAVE7 adapts to the needs, tastes and whims of his owner, respecting the style of any home.

Mark Albert, general director of ThyssenKrupp Encasa.

Own personality

The luxury, nowadays, is to live surrounded of beauty and at the same time enjoy of the confort. Access to any plant of the house comfortably is quality of life, but the elevadores HAVE7 do not neglect the glamour with proposals of design whose aesthetic adapts to the dominant style of our home. As it affirms Mark Albert, “think that the technology has to adapt to the people and no the other way around. Therefore the interior and the outside of the HAVE7 adapt to the individual needs of each customer. The home is the most personal surroundings for all and, obviously, only there is place for the things that like him and that more suit him. "ThyssenKrupp Encasa Combines the beauty and the confort to offer to his customers the luxury to enjoy fully of his home. With the HAVE7, remains linked the taste by the aesthetics and the care of the details, with the comfort of movement inside the home. The quality of life puts to the service of the glamour to twin luxury and confort.

All these elevadores can integrate in the interior of the house or build like architectural detail in façade.

The main characteristic of this camaleónico Home Elevador is his versatilidad. Able to adapt to the particular style of any house, offering the comfort and the confort, without losing by this the idiosyncrasy of his host. It can say that the HAVE7 creates home.

Is ideal so much for new constructions as for rehabilitation of ancient buildings, since in addition to adapting to the space, also does it to the style created and re-created by the professionals of the architecture and the decoration of interiors.

ThyssenKrupp Encasa Launches five basic proposals from which do multiple combinations

His only limit is the imagination

The possibilities of personalización of the HAVE7 are infinite. ThyssenKrupp Encasa Launches five basic proposals from which do multiple combinations. The basic range composes of the models: Cool, Natural, Noble, Opulento and Romantic. All they realised of form artesanal with materials of first quality.

The model Cool, represents the triumph of the minimalismo. It stands out by his fine decoration based in pure forms, worked with cold materials like the glass, the steel ThyssenKrupp or the stone.

The Natural model is inspired by the simplicity of the line. The clear wooden slats on the white bottom of his cabin evoke the one of the forestrys of European pines.

ThyssenKrupp Encasa Keeps faithful to his classical line, elegant and traditional, with the Noble model. A perfect combination of the distinction of the dark oak and the freshness of the nogal.

Inspired by the Italian painting of the renaissance, the Romantic model has the inner cabin lined in cloth of tones cake with patterned floral.

The model Opulento is inspired by aristocratic environingingments, adding a touch decadent and sobrio at the same time. Leather, marble and plate of gold, re-create the literary environingingment of mediated of the 20th century.

Inspired by the Italian painting of the renaissance, the Romantic model has the inner cabin lined in cloth of tones cake with patterned floral.

Cool, Natural, Opulento, Romantic and Noble. All they can integrate in the interior of the house or build like architectural detail in façade. By his versatilidad and adaptability the HAVE7 is an elevador only in his segment.

For Mark Albert, “the HAVE7 is conceived to be able to to enjoy fully of the home. The utility does not have why be argued with the beauty, therefore, the elevadores vertical in addition to functional have to be aesthetic”.

Technology ‘Gearless'

The HAVE7 has fit in the majority of the homes. Contrary to what can seem, his installation is very simple and hardly requires space or significant structural modifications, so much in inner as in façade.

Julián Franco López, vicedecano of the Official School of Architects of Madrid (COAM).

Mark Albert comments that “the installation of an elevador vertical involves an agile project that hardly supposes effort. For this reason, the Home Elevadores in general and the HAVE7 in particular are appropriate for all type of houses". It adds that “in United States, Canada and China, are indispensable part in the projects of construction and rehabilitation of houses with several heights, so much for particular use, as public.”

To the equal that the elevadores vertical conventional, the HAVE7 is very comfortable to use, but unlike the rest, has a new technology, Gearless, that does the hardly perceivable movement and turns it into the most silent of the market, sure and precise when initiating and stop the course.

By his intelligent installation, the technological development and the sustainability has applied him the classification of energetic class To (TÜV). We can say that the HAVE7 is a work of modern engineering.

ThyssenKrupp Encasa

ThyssenKrupp Encasa Has an experience of more than 50 years in the manufacture of solutions of mobility. It initiated his activity in Spain under the name of ThyssenKrupp Accessibility in 1993 like division of ThyssenKrupp Elevadores, combining the professionalism of a multinational with the flexibility of a small organisation. In 2005, ThyssenKrupp Accessibility separates of marries it matrix to establish like independent mark whose main challenge is to solve any challenge in the field of the accessibility, thanks to the highest technology, to the exclusive design of his products and to the fulfillment of all the rules in the matter. In 2011 it is cream ThyssenKrupp Encasa, a new concept of mobility on line with the challenges and exigencias of the market of accessibility.




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