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The Barcelonan company of German origin loans a complete service in all Spain that covers from the visit and the advice of the technician until the delivery of the work

The floors of the industrial bays, in shape with Protecta

Editorial Interempresas28/02/2012

28 February 2012

The continuous and intensive use of the industrial floors finishes for damaging them: dust, terrazzo cracked with danger to disintegrate , boards damaged, old coatings that raise and signalings of hygiene and logistical erased. This no only can cause accidents in the zones of work and of load and download, but also deteriora the image of the company. Thus, Protecta offer his complete services for the protection, repair and rehabilitation of all type of industrial floors, new and old.

Like this, Protecta loans a complete service in all Spain that covers from the visit and the advice of the technician until the delivery of the work in record time. The production of his solutions, realizar in his own company, allows him use raw materials of last generation, a rigorous control of quality and an election of product adapted to each problematic of floor. The qualities of the pavings and multilayered coatings Protecta do that they result ideal when they demand clean and resistant surfaces. Only a correct and thorough technical employee in the realisation of the works of manufacturing and application guarantee a perfect finishing. The specialists of Protecta have of the machinery and of the useful adapted and contribute the sufficient experience and the necessary technical knowledge.

Pavimento Multilayered Betunit-Protecta

The pavimento multilayered Betunit-Protecta is a product of two components to base of a combination of resins epoxídicas and chosen matters of load. Thanks to his programmed elasticity is especially resistant to the abrasion and pressesure in corridors of rodadura and zones of load and download. It is widely insensitive to hits, crashes and vibrations and apt for parcheo of potholes. His application is indicated in reconstruction of boards of dilatation and of work and recovery of floors of terrazzo, losetas hydraulics, asphalt, etc. Is likewise apt for exposed zones to the spill of acids and aggressive chemical products.

With this pavimento, some dilapidated installations can change of appearance in an alone weekend. Protecta Offers different showy finishings in any colour, realising his manufacture to measure of the customer. Besides, this coating is combinable with other types of multilayered coatings Protecta.

Image of an industrial floor before and after the application of the pavimento multilayered Protecta.

Multilayered coating Corr-Unit ‘Extraduro'

Corr-Unit Of Protecta is a product of an alone component, to base of a modern composition of resins, matters of load and pigments. It is ideal for floors of concrete and fratasados of cement no protected that tend to form arenilla and dust. It stands out by his hardness and by other multiple properties: it deletes completely the dust and has an adherencia guaranteeed on the majority of the industrial floors.

This coating is of fast placing on big extensions, until 1.500 square metres in a weekend. Besides, his fraguado accelerated allows to use the floor immediately after his application, without need to expect hours to be able to work, a very important characteristic for the companies of continuous production.

Is available in a big range of colours, with smooth finishings, granulated  or antideslizante of the surface. Besides, it is easy to clean and combinable with multilayered pavings Betunit-Protecta.

Example of multilayered coating Protecta.

Multilayered coating Corr-Unit ‘Extraduro' ESD

A variant of the multilayered Corr-Unit Extraduro is him Corr-Unit ESD. Serving of the practical experience purchased in hundreds of installations realised during long presence in the sector, Protecta has conceived this new coating ESD for industrial floors under the rule JOINS-14041. It stands out by his properties disipativas of the static electricity, with permanent effect and his high chemical resistance and mechanics to the rayado and the abrasion. Also it presents a vertical electrical resistance 106 -10 9 Ohms. His appearance is homogéneo, semibrillante and of grey colour.
The new coating ESD has properties disipativas of the static electricity.
Signaling Duraline

For the signaling of hygiene and logistical demanded and indispensable in floors of any industry or workshop, Protecta offers his range Duraline. It stands out by the following characteristic:

  • Extreme longevity
  • brilliant Finishing
  • Easy to clean
  • simple Application by means of roller
  • Fraguado fast

Losetas Of PVC Lock-Tile and Lock-Mat

Lock-Tile And Lock Mat are industrial pavings realizar to base of losetas of a compound of PVC of 50 x 50 centimetres and 7 millimetres of thickness. It admits high mechanical loads, even the rolling of industrial vehicles weighed. Besides it resists chemical attacks. The losetas interwoven do not have to be hit, are removable, interchangeable and transportables.

This system guarantees a floor of safe work confortable and ergonomic. Also it is economic because it favours the productivity and protects the material in case that fall to the floor. Besides it is hygienic, of easy cleaning and warns the growth of bacteria. Another remarkable characteristic is that it is resistant and at the same time very adaptable to the surface of the floor that offers a big hygiene of use. The system of assembling ‘tail of milano' facilitates a fast setting or desmontaje in case of cleaning or modification of the zone of work. Besides, the system of attachment allows him assemble with Lock-Tile Colour, achieving different zones of work or in passing.

Lock-Tile Places on any hard and flat surface and the losetas fit ones with others quickly to base of ensambladuras of tail of milano.
I am used to of drainage to base of Lock-Mat.

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