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Virutex EB35

Aplacadora Of singings: with feeder of the piece to cantear

Picture of Aplacadora Of singings
The aplacadora of singings EB35 of Virutex is designed especially for the aplacado of singings preencolados of PVC, polyester, melanin and wooden sheet, with the possibility of aplacar and outline singings of until 3 mm of thickness.

It incorporates feeder for the advance assisted of the piece to cantear. The perfiladores motorised independent are instrumented with milling cutters of widia, being possible the realisation of fimbriated with radius or recta by both faces. Provista Of flat scrapers very effective, the feeding of the strip to cantear is automatic and offers retestado of the previous and back surplus (in singings until 2 mm of thickness). It is of fast manufacturing (2 min), with a time of warming of the machine of 30 s. Besides, it includes electronic regulation of the temperature.

To ensure a good aplacado of the singing, the EB35 incorporates auxiliary rollers situated in the own table of aplacado and a reglé instrumented with prensores, thanks to which achieves an optimum pressesure of the signpost on the group encolador. Of this form, the adherencia of the singing remains ensured, particularly when they use big singings thickness and of rigid material. The EB35 incorporates also a selector that regulates the position of suitable entrance of the piece to cantear, according to the thickness of the singing. Besides it is instrumented with a group calefactor Leister of 3.000 W, endowed of electronic regulation of the temperature until 500° C.