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TransGrúas Cial., S.L. (Trans Grúas)


TransGrúas Cial., S.L. (Trans Grúas)

Transgrúas, new distributor of the mini cranes Jekko

Picture of Transgrúas, new distributor of the mini cranes Jekko
Transgrúas has reached recently an agreement with the Italian manufacturer Ormet for the exclusive distribution in Spain of his range of mini special cranes Jekko. The line of products Jekko has his origin in the design of special machines under request. From it does some years has generated a demand of cranes with an alone arm on carritos electrical, and in 2002 manufactured the first chassis of caterpillars... [+]

Transgrúas Renews more than 50 carnets of gruísta

Picture of Transgrúas Renews more than 50 carnets of gruísta
Transgrúas initiated his service of training, by means of which those gruístas interested in obtaining a carnet that accredited his training in the use of a hydraulic crane articulated on truck, could achieve it. The carnet has a validity of 5 years, by what during this year 2011 Transgrúas has offered the option to all those that obtained his carnet in 2006 to do a course of renewal by 5 years more... [+]

The Group Volkswagen/Audi advocates the jointed-arm Transgrúas

Transgrúas cial, Snorkel Spain Distributor, provided plant of the Group Volkswagen/Audi in Martorell (Barcelona), a jointed-arm electric A38E for maintenance of the factory, which manufactures the new model of Audi Q3. The automotive group already has more units of this model, which offers a 13.5 metres working height... [+]

Fassi Stability Control (FSC), in fulfillment of the new technical norm IN 12999:2011

Picture of Fassi Stability Control (FSC), in fulfillment of the new technical norm IN 12999:2011
What indicates the norm regarding appearances of stability of the conjoint crane+truck, is that those cranes whose capacity of load surpass the 1.000 kg incorporate elements that allow to monitor and guarantee the stability of the vehicle during the handle of the crane. For this FASSI has developed a device that integrates the control of the stability of the vehicle with the function of hygiene that offers the limitador for the moment... [+]

Fassi cranes working in extreme conditions in Antarctica

There are no barriers or borders for Fassi tests: with the polar mission have reached the place cold and inhospitable of the Earth, Antarctica, where in winter the temperature drops to 70 ° C below zero, and have played a key role in the difficult operation to build Kunlun Station, the third base of Chinese research in the Antarctic continent... [+]

Agreement between Transgrúas and Snorkel for the distribution of machines in Spain

The Transgrúas distributor has reached a collaboration agreement with the manufacturer of self-propelled aerial platforms Snorkel, which has an extensive range of machines from four to forty meters in height, which includes personal lifts, platforms of scissors in diesel and electric version, platforms of articulated and telescopic arm in electric version and diesel, and towable platforms... [+]
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