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Products de Wakü Escaleras, S.L. - Distributed products / services offered by Wakü Escaleras, S.L. - Public works

NOTE: This list also includes products from the “Automotive sector, car workshops and petrol stations”, “Building materials”, “Construction machinery and equipment”, “Hardware”, “Storage and logistics”, “Urban equipment” and “Water industry” sectors.
  • Accessories for telescopic ladders
  • Aluminium loading ramps heavy for special transport
  • Aluminum ladders
  • Extensible support with rope ladders
  • Folding aluminum loading bridges for loading docks
  • Folding aluminum loading ramps for wheelchair users
  • Light aluminium loading ramps for indústria
  • Light stairs
  • Maintenance of aluminum ladders
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Multifunctional telescopic ladders of aluminium
  • Non-slip steps for access ladders and steps
  • Non-slip steps for access to agricultural machinery
  • Non-slip steps for access to machinery of OP
  • Non-slip walkways on tank trucks and Industrial flooring
  • Pedestrian, non-slip walkways for ditches of work
  • Safety ladders
  • Spiral staircases
  • Stairs of aluminium to store
  • Stairs of industrial support
  • Stairs of light support
  • Stairs on wheels with handrail
  • Telescopic boards
  • Thorny wire, type concertina to the protection of buildings and persons
  • Transportable load of aluminium gangways for loading docks
  • Warehouse of aluminum ladders
  • Wedges of burden in aluminium for super-pesada machinery