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Trailers and semirremolques: for special transport

Picture of Trailers and semirremolques
The series Cometto of TransGrúas answers to a group of tow and semirremolques for special transport. It treats of a wide range of tow, nacelles and modular equipment for the transport of all type of machinery of public works: from the tow (carry-machines) of three axles model RG38B, able to transport 26 t of useful load, especially designed and built for customers devoted to the able excavation to transport all type machinery until the work, going through the flat nacelles of oscillating hydraulics neck of three until eight steeringal axles, extensible until the 30 m, extensible recessed/nacelles with removable hydraulics neck of three and four axles instrumented with a wide range of accessories, realineamimiento automatic, controls by radius grease automatic etc., until the team modulate with everything of possible combinations of axles and beds (type double / Beam wide / flat) able to transport of 80 to 120 t of useful load.

The special equipment Cometto are conceived and manufactured to adapt to all the needs of the customer since they are done to the measure of the exigencias so much legal like logistics of the market of the special transport. At present, the most common applications are in the guild of the construction and public work, for which transports all type of machinery: public works, excavator, bulldozers, prefabricated of concrete, structures of ironinging, shovels and all type of wind material.