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Fassi F240B Evolution

Crane of high provision: it allows to increase the angle of the secondary arm 15° above the horizontal

Picture of Crane of high provision
Trans Cranes, S.A., importing in scoop of the mark Fassi, commercialises the range of cranes F240B Evolution, an evolution of the F240To that will add to all his previous characteristics the function “Prolink” (Progresive Link) between other characteristics.

This function allows an increase of the angle of work of the secondary arm of the crane in 15° above the horizontal without losing power. The “F240B Evolution”, thanks to the perfect geometry, allows the configuration of load with an angle of game of the main arm of 0°, allowing keep the capacity of elevation still when the function “Prolink” is activated.

It includes the electronic function of the FX, a system of electronic control of Fassi that, together with the concept IMC (Integral machina Control) or the ADC (Automatic Dynamic Control), always in presence of a radiocomando special “RCH evolution”, will allow to adopt a greater discharge of the bomb for a better provision multifunción and a greater speed of work. The electronic function manages the speed of the crane depending on the load that carry in each moment.

Likewise, the radiocomando “RCH evolution” no only is a showy control to distance with the last technologies, but it goes provisto of a display big that visualises all the functions of the crane in terms of utilisation, control and programming by means of a selector of operation with movement giratorio, what allows to the operator program the crane of easy and simple way.