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Fassi F660 Axp Evolution

Crane articulated: with a tara of 5.100 kg

Picture of Crane articulated
The model F660 Axp Evolution of the mark Fassi, distributed by Transgrúas, is a crane articulated of 60/70 t and, thanks to the maximum moment of elevation of 62,5 t and the tara of 5.100 kg, presents the best relation weigh/power of the category.%aIncorpora System with biela and fork Fassi Double Link Technology, with which is possible to obtain the maximum provision even with the main arm to 0° degrees and thanks to the device Prolink, that increases the opening angle of the secondary arm in 15° and in 10° the one of the Jib.%aLleva Electronic system of integrated cheese cheese control IMC (Integral Machine Control) of scoop proyectación Fassi that elaborates in real time an enormous number of pertinent informations of the sensors of the crane and dominates the devices of hygiene guaranteeing the best operative conditions in any condition of work.%aIncluye Device ADC (automatic dynamic control) that allows a dynamic control of the load by means of the automatic management of the speed of the crane in function of the load, inside the parameters of exigible hygiene.? The limitador of intelligent load FX800 Evolution and the D900 flow sharing (antisaturación electronic), a digital hydraulics distributor that allows a proportional distribution of the oil, allowing to work them crane that are activated simultaneously, move proportionally to the quantity of oil required by the use.%Wing machine is endowed of radiocomando RCH that, in addition to commanding all the functions of the crane including the stabilisation, is in conditions, by means of the wide display lcd, to inform with immediacy to the operario with regard to the state of use of the crane. It includes also device XF (extra fast) that comprises, in addition to the valves regeneradoras in the arms extraíbles, special valves of blockade with pilotage of low pressesure, allows to obtain speed and incomparable manoeuvrability with the possibility of desactivar the system directly from the radiomando when it needs the full power of the crane.%Wing crane incorporates device “XP” (Extra Power), reservation of power device that when active, allows ralentizar the movements of the crane in profit of an increase in the power of elevation.