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Marina 63-71 1º, 1ª A
08390 Montgat (Barcelona) Spain

Agency of Woods and Parquets

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Top Timber, S.C.P.

TOP TIMBER was created in 1987 with the aim of better and more comprehensive to serve all importers of wood in our country.
During all these years, it has managed to establish itself in the market and be positioned as one of the reference agencies; Committed to quality and a responsible and honest service. Thanks to its family character TOP TIMBER can offer a dynamic and agile treatment, in addition to a strong spirit of self-improvement, constantly incorporating new features that expand its offer.
We highlight the environmental concerns of TOP TIMBER, its firm commitment with responsible forest management and the sustainable use of forest resources. TOP TIMBER has been proposed to promote the defence of these values and this works every day in order to expand its offerings of wood whose guarantee of sustainable origin is certifiable (PFEC, FSC, CERTISOURCE)