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The structure has been able to bear an equivalent load to his weight multiplied by 120

A bridge realised with palillos of ice cream holds 909 kilos of weight

Editorial Interempresas26/04/2012

26 April 2012

The contest of bridges of palillos of ice cream of the Upper Technical School of Engineering of Bilbao has beaten records with an able structure to hold 909 kg of weight, work of the concursante Pablo Cearra. The winner of this XI edition has been, however, Roberto Polvorosa, student of the school, whose bridge has creame 424 kg and that has done also with the first prize in the category of aesthetics.

Roberto Polvorosa, with a bridge in shape of catenary invested, has arrasado in the eleventh edition of the contest of maquetas of bridges realised with palillos of ice cream, that organises annually the Upper Technical School of Engineering of Bilbao. This student of 5º course of the own School has carried the first prize in the category of aesthetics, and has won also in the one of resistance, after surpassing a load of 424 kilos.

Spectacular tower of baldosas on of the bridge of Pablo Cearra, that has creame 909 kilos.

However, the maximum expectancy has concitado around the veteran concursante Pablo Cearra, that has gone back to amaze to the nourished assistance with a structure that only has broken under a weight of 909 kilograms. Assisted as it is usual by his father, this titled by the Upper School of Engineering of Bilbao participates in the contest from his first edition, and has resulted victorious in seven occasions.

Cearra Has invested 200 hours of work in building his bridge, that consisted of 7.000 palillos. A “prime matter” that weighed around 7,5 kilograms, and that has been able to bear an equivalent load to his weight multiplied by 120.

It is necessary to take into account that the record of resistance was in the 702 kilos of load reached the year gone through Daniel López, with what the mark has surpassed in 200 kilos, and approximates already to a tonne, that could constitute the challenge for the concursantes of the next edition.

To the equal that has occurred previously, the winner has not been the author of the structure that more weight has creame, since the resistance of these bridges in miniature measures from his typology and dimensions.


Beside the bridges of Polvorosa and Cearra, two veteran opponents in this contest that has reached an enormous diffusion (with video in Youtube that have surpassed the 80.000 visits), the contest, presented and encouraged by Santi Murias, has registered other remarkable participations. Like this, the team formed by the students of the School Hugo Arístegui, Sara Basaguren, Marta Álvarez and Olatz Cánovas has creame 801 kilos, to the time that has done with the second prize in the category of aesthetics. The third in the modality that values the beauty of the bridges has been for another team of students of the School: Javier Cuñarro, Ander Bilbao, Alba Vázquez and Domeka Álvarez. His bridge has been the second in falling, after having reached the 260 kilos of load. The first in breaking , with hardly 22 kilos, has been the one of Naiara Vigo (student of Fine arts) and Silvia Martínez (student of the School), although in this case in the design have prevailed the aesthetic considerations. In this same category have presented to the contest equally Arkaitz Heras and a group formed exclusively by women: Cristina Gutiérrez, Amaia Aldai, Saioa Mateos and Alba Cárcamo.

The winner of the XI edition, Roberto Polvorosa, placing load on his bridge.

In the ‘proof reigns' (the one of functionality) the prizes have been of 900, 600, and 300 euros respectively. In aesthetics the endowment has been of 600, 300 and 100 euros, with which Roberto Polvorosa has carried , in addition to the glory, the beautiful sum of 1.500 euros.

The contest has a good number of sponsors, between which, beside the own Technical School Upper of Engineering of Bilbao, are BBK Kutxabank, City council of Bilbao, University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU), State Congress of Students of Industrial Engineering (CEDEII) together with the Ministry of Education and the Official School of Industrial Engineers of Biscay (COIIB), beside several commercial signatures.



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