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Fassi Stability Control (FSC), in fulfillment of the new technical norm IN 12999:2011


18 January 2012

What indicates the norm regarding appearances of stability of the conjoint crane+truck, is that those cranes whose capacity of load surpass the 1.000 kg incorporate elements that allow to monitor and guarantee the stability of the vehicle during the handle of the crane. For this FASSI has developed a device that integrates the control of the stability of the vehicle with the function of hygiene that offers the limitador for the moment. The device has baptised like FSC and offer 3 distinct types in function of the type of limitador original that carries the crane: FSC/L: available for the range of cranes of 0,5 to 26 t/m, so much in models instrumented with limitador for the moment hydraulics like electronic.
It does not foresee the management differentiated of the areas of work neither left distinction right with regard to the vehicle. It controls the positioning of the supports of lateral extension and the correct support of the stabilisers before allowing the movement of the crane. FSC/M: available from cranes of 5 to 26 t/m, exclusively in cranes with electronic device FX500 or FX800. The system administers the recognition of the areas of work and distinction between left side and right with regard to the vehicle, with limitador differentiated for two zones of lateral work and another by in front of the cabin, being proportional the elevation of load on the total or partial extension of the stabilisers.
SC/S: Available from model of 24,5 to 150 t/m, optionally in all the range Fassi whenever the crane avenges instrumented with FX500 or FX800, radiocomando RCH/RCS and extensible stabilisers hidráulicamente. The system administers the recognition of the areas of left work right of the vehicle and includes the management of the limitador for the moment for two zones of work: above the cabin and of the box, ensuring the stability in both sectors. This system incorporates an encóder of coordinates X and And, which if the crane works underneath of 35º, manages automatically. The elevation of load depending on the degrees of inclination of the group.

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